A Coal-ed Betrayal

A pair of eyes all black like obsidian store back at me, and as I store back at them into those ancient looking eyes realisation dawned on me. My mouth gapped open in horror. My mouth quirked in thought. “All this time you were training me to do your bidding!”

Those eyes store back at me for a long moment, then the arm of their master slithered up my wrist like a snack. I shook him off. “No! Don’t comfort me!” I snapped. “I’m right aren’t I you need me to use my power so then you’ll have your war! Well guess what you bastard? Have a look.”

His eyebrows quirked up and I knew I had him.

I opened my palms and with the barest thought black streaks of my power appeared. I focused it. I needed to be quick before he realised what I was up to as well. I spread my palms to expand the darkness then I slammed my hands down violently sending the black shards of darkness down upon him but I wasn’t attacking him, well not in that way. Instead my intent was to get the power to incase him and surround him like a cocoon. His eyebrows quirked up again and his eyes widen with realisation just as the darkness enveloped him. I focused my power more until it eat him whole and with that I transformed it until he was no more than a large black coal jutting out awkwardly in a random field.

When the work was done, I turned my back and left him there. I returned home to my empire that he had helped me build that I now controlled, satisfied with my days work.

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