Voids Never Forgive, Nor Forget…

So, pray for me lover,

and I promise I will haunt you.

For I am eloquently

full of anguished truth.

And though honesty

is not the color of your eyes.

I will still drown in them,

carrying your heavy sighs.

For I am a blasphemous

girl and full of rage.

Splitting my tongue

in a religious twain.

For the sins and sorrows

of a love turned to disdain...

But I will not drink

the blood of a man.

I will not drive more pain,

into my broken hands.

Just let me slip away

from my skin.

I will be the creep;

you forget in the end...

So, pray for me lover,

and I will disappear

with grace.

While the lines

of monsters,

stretch across your face...


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