Unknown Advantage

This story is about me. About how I did terrible in school. That I failed the 9th grade more times than I could possibly count.

I was married at the age of 21. Nowhere near mature. Without knowing which way to go in life. My thoughts where that once you where married, the next best thing to do was to get a job and settle down. I was wrong.I have been wrong, so many times. I was never advised by my father, or by anyone.

I ended up getting a job at Tyson foods as a shag driver. I worked there for two years, bringing home just enough money to feed my newly bride. And im not going to lie, times where tough.

Somewhere along that time, my brother Abraham was driving a mustang and so my “love” for race cars began. I would dream about having my own mustang. That my brother and I would be at the local drag strip, and that we would be very high competition to anyone that challenged us.

And so I started digging down a rabbit hole, I purchased an older camero that had more problems than a college calculas math book. I left my job in order to pursue my dream to become a mechanic, and eventually work on “race cars”. I was hired at a local transmission shop and it was there that I would spend the next 4 years of my life, plus another 6 years working at different transmission shops and having my own shop.

My own shop was a total failure. We always struggled. My overhead doubled and it was very hard to make ends meet. Heck there was multiple times when i had the electricity cut off at the shop and at the house! I was always making late payments, borrowing money, then having lenders calling the people who where the closest to me, wondering why i never answered the phone. Haha, those where the days.

I left to Midland and found some success as a diesel mechanic. I was paid well, arguably the highest paid mechanic there. But i was never happy. I wanted to be able to work with my mind, I wanted to be a developer. And so I purchased a MacBook Air and began taking online courses. Blogging courses and copywriting courses.

I then bought an iPad and wanted to journal. And not only journal, but actually journal with a purpose. And that is how I stumbled across an app called writing prompts. And so my journey as a writer began.

I want to be a better writer.

I want to be an author this upcoming year.

And so i submitted my first story called “the learning loop”

It was a crappy story. Like i said before, my writing experience is probably close to zero.

But i didnt care, i still submitted my story.

I received an email a couple days later and i was thinking that it was a notification for constructive criticism. Boy was i in for a surprise.

I won first place, and probably not for the actual writing. I think they had some empathy on my and picked me first in order to give me motivation.

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