It’s Overwhelming

See me, if you will, left out in the cold,

Outdated weeds, uninformed, unfriended,

Impatient of appointment with the mold.

What is life, exclusive of belonging?

Inclusion, contribution, common good,

Community, cooperation, love,

Relegated to the realm of Other.

A sibling without sister, without brother.

Hear me, if you will, crying soundless call,

Wordless by the standard slang that’s current,

Addressing no one and unheard by all.

Voiceless by the standard set by media,

Deflected, unengaging, unattuned to,

Ineffectual wave length, overpowered.

To what end unheard communication?

To converse requires reciprocation.

Find me, if you will, but no one searches;

Absorbed by self in unintended censure.

To represent that private realm repulses.

Alienated lives repeating patterns,

Themes, stereotypes, mistakes, romances,

Misanthropic delusions, monsters, myths.

To learn from dead past laughable, unthought.

Thus, antisocial world thoughtlessly wrought.

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