The Prank

“Hey I’m waking here!” I shout in a New York accent while walking out of the classroom door, trying not to be tripped by my good friend Jorden. I should probably tell you what happened before I get to the office. Here’s what happened. I have the worst teacher ever. Her name is Ms. Backlsnarch. Yea I know, we all laughed too when we heard the name. Anyway so every morning she eats some rice pudding. Me, being the joker I am, had every kind of prank necessity there is. This morning she went out of the room to go pick up some printer paper, while she did I carefully put a lot of sleep medicine that I stole from my mom, into her pudding. I first had to have everyone else in the class silent do that she wouldn’t hear the commotion before she can back inside. She can and and finished off the pudding and went out about a minute later. At that point everyone was almost dying of laughter. I stood up on a desk. “Shhh! Everyone be quite! We don’t want to wake her up.” I smirked and got off the chair. Her hair was crazy so I put a swim cap on it and started plucking her eyebrows with some tweezers, until she had literally none left. You can guess what happens next. She woke up, exploded, and I get the blame. Well I have to say, it was one of my best pranks yet!

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