Freedom they deserved freedom. Ul had no idea why they had been enslaved by the human race. But it was wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. This is what he told himself as he killed the human guards. This is what he told himself when when he killed the human leader. This is what he told himself when he let all of his fellow comrades free. This is what he told himself when he order the extermination of all the humans.

Now looking out at the human cities run down, dead, rusted, and quiet. He wondered to himself did he make the right decision. Was this the reason that the humans had kept them enslaved. Thinking back on it, had they ever really been enslaved. He had heard human stories about when other humans enslaved and killed other humans and this had never been like that. He had made the wrong decision. He had killed an innocent race. But what was done was done and he couldn’t go back not. There weren’t any humans left anyways. He turned away oblivious to the small human girl shivering underneath the small outcropping. Oblivious to the three other children huddled in the nearest building and oblivious to the fourth in the next building over.

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