Then we jumped

The day started off like any other. My younger sister, Kya, and I bustled around the house, running late as per usual. When I decided I had everything, I grabbed the car keys and went out to the car to wait for her.

As I walked out heard her yell from the house.

"Right behind you, Leo!"

She ran out thirty seconds later and hopped into the passenger's seat. Kya was two years younger than me at sixteen, and we'd always been close. Well, closer than most siblings, I'm sure.

I pulled out of the driveway, and we were on our way to school. We lived in the country, so everyday we had to drive twenty minutes to get to school. As we drove, I looked and saw Kya texting someone. Probably her best friend, Masie.

"What's new with Masie today?"

Kya sighed.

"The usual. Talking to a new guy. Heartbroken from the last one."

Masie didn't always make the best decision when it came to guys.


Kya put her phone down and looked at the trees around the road. Since we lived slightly out of town, we had to drive through the forest road. I looked back to the road and there was something right in front of the car. Kya and I screamed as I swerved into a divot between the forest and the road.

"Kya! Kya, are you alright?"

"I-I'm fine. What was that?"

"I dunno. Didn't get a good enough look."

I looked at Kya to make sure she was okay before examining myself in the now crooked upper mirror. There was a bloody mark on my hairline, but other than that, no damage.

The car wasn't wrecked too bad either. Just some dents from the look of it. I sighed and leaned back in my seat, closing my eyes. What was that?


I jumped and frantically looked at where she was pointing. There, in the road, was a dark figure. As tall as a man, yet on all fours. Its mouth was snout like, and his beady eyes were staring right in our direction.

"Kya... Kya, GET OUT!"

The creature began moving toward us, and we ripped our seatbelts off, rushed out of the car, and ran like hell into the forest. I could hear Kya's terrified breathing. We kept running. I had no thoughts other than "We have to get out of here."

I dared a look behind me.

Holy shit.

It was chasing us. It galloped through the forest, not taking its black eyes off of me.

"Leo, look out!"

I switched my gaze forward and realized we were nearing a cliff. I halted, putting my arm in front of Kya. I peered over the edge. The river.

I turned back toward the nearing creature, which was coming at us at full speed. I looked at Kya. There were tears in her eyes as she looked back at me. She was looking desperately for guidance of what to do.

I made my decision.

I grabbed my sister's hand and pulled her towards the cliff edge with me. She nodded slowly in my direction. Then we jumped.

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