Partying For Death

“It all went silent; just silent”.

Let me tell you about the time where a night of joy and laughter turned into a night of darkness and emptiness; If I have the guts to explain it to you.

It was my friend Thomas’s birthday last week . He only just turned eighteen and he thought the best idea was to have it situated in a mansion that was built over a hundred years ago: it was “Brickford Manor”.

The mansion may look like it is a building from heaven with it’s beautifully white exterior walls and stain glass windows smiling at you as you walk past but after what I have researched, it’s secrets are too dark to be called a mansion from heaven.

Two weeks ago I was in the university library studying psychopaths in the history of our world and as I took a brief moment looking at page flirty nine of the book I chosen. It gave me the knowledge that Brickford Manor is home to something far more sinister than the haunted mansion in Russia is; far more sinister.

Bringing you back to the day of the party, I walked over to my bedroom with me swinging my red wardrobe open to see what I should wear for the party.I had a buttoned shirt which was covered in the colour of the night sky so I thought that would barely work but suddenly, I came across a blue suit that looked just about right for the party. I was ready to go.

As I pulled up at the mansion, with the dirty black cobbles stretched out before me, I suddenly noticed a large ringing sound starting to buzz in my trouser pocket. I took my small Sony Experia phone to reveal…

It was a text message from my Nanny Jean who I started to live with when my grandfather died so I could look after her. As I read the text message a comforting warmth in my stomach started to form which made me finally understand that everything was going to be fine. It read:

“Don’t worry Clarence my dear, you’ll have a great time and that psychopath died years and years ago. You’ll be fine”.

As a slight smile started to tug at the end of my mouth, I got out my car to see Thomas waiting for me with a colossal smile on his face l. It was like he felt no fear at all. He had a black suit on with a vibrant green badge with the number 18 staring at me in judgement. Despite guessing why he looks so confident. I just walked into the mansion.

Thumping house music filled the room and with Thomas walking beside me with the smile still on his face, he guided me yo his friends Misty and Carl who were dancing like lunatics on the dance floor. I just decided to join them. It was a party after all.

As we danced to the house music for fifteen minutes without caring of what others thought of our moves, Carl decided to go to the toilet upstairs for literally a break bud suddenly, as he fend out of the toilet, a large scream started to deaden my ears. It was too peculiar.

Suddenly, after terrifyingly deep running on the floor died out, we found the still body of Carl covered in blood just outside the toilet door. This is crazy.

With kiddy’s mouth open in shock with tears starting to twinkle in her eyes, Misty started to walk across the balcony to see where the source of walking is and just as she stopped by the billiard hall, the shot of a musket started to deafen our ears even further. This is just all too much.

Lastly, after Thomas gasped in shock after what he heard, a sharp dart started to pierce inti the skin of his hind legs which made him crumple to the ground in death. And after witnessing the death of Thomas, it was just me; alone, all alone.

As I left the mansion with tears started to glisten in my eyes, abd tgst was the end of the party.

Yesterday, a police officer came into my home to talk to me about the party and what he asked and how I responded made us all go silent. Just silent.

@M”Sit would you please tell me what happened after you witnessed the deaths”? “It all went silent, just silent”.

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