Two Worlds Meet

Sometimes I wish I had another life. Like one where I am not an only child or one where I actually have a talent that gives me recognition. But sometimes wishing can become sinful, when the wish actually comes true. It happened to me. I woke up to an alarm on my phone playing some jingle I had heard a million times before, but when I opened my eyes I wasn’t seeing my bedroom. Well, it was my bedroom but I never had matching white furniture or an attached bathroom. I immediately sprung from my bed opening up the door. What once was a small hallway elongated into a hallway with three other rooms. Not only was the hallway longer my house was four times bigger than what it used to be. I walked down the hallway glancing at all the doorways. Two of the doors were decorated with Star Wars stickers and Marvel characters. I opened the first door and peeked in. A man who looked very much like my father maybe at the age of 16 was still sound asleep. I closed the door immediately and continued down the hallway. Where the living room was, was now a small set of stairs. Which at the bottom was a big living area with a flat screen tv, video gaming system, and two large couches. Sitting on one of the couches was my father though he was wearing a suit when he normally wears his mechanics uniform. He looked much younger for a fifty year old.

“Hey, Sweetie,” he said calmly as if nothing was wrong. “How you feeling this morning?”

How could he be acting this way our house wasn’t our house and we had strangers in our bedrooms.

“Who is the boy sleeping in the room upstairs?,” I asked confused.

He gave me a weird look. Then his face relaxed and he broke into a smile.

“I know your brother drives you crazy but it’s not something to kid about.”

“My brother,” I said still confused.

“Are you feeling alright?”

I didn’t know how to answer. I was flabbergasted. There came a creaking at the steps. A younger boy than the one I saw earlier about the age of nine or ten. Stood at the edge of the last step.

“Good morning, son,” my father said to the young kid.

“Morning dad, morning sis.”

Where in the world was I? Where was my house? Where was the norm I was so used to?

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