Why Didn’t I Save Him?

(This is not actually about me) It was just last week when my best friend passed away from suicide im so disappointed in myself that I didn’t notice he was in a bad place I should’ve been there for him. All I did was care about myself he was trying to ask for help but I pushed him away what is wrong with me why do I always fail at everything I just wish I knew that that was the last time I would see his face,his smile that lights up the whole room, his beautiful green eyes that glistened in the sun but worst of all I’ll never hear his laugh that’s so contagious that if you are crying he would laugh and automatically make you smile. He always listened and gave great advice he was like the moon and the stars in the dark sky he made everything and everyone light up. I can’t recall one bad moment with him but now I’ve lost it all not only his smile,eyes,and laugh but I also lost my best friend or even worse I a part of me that nothing or no one can never fill again so why, why didn’t I save him.

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