That day was Sunday and like every Sunday our dear protagonist loved to take it easy, relax, not think, not have problems, and avoid any kind of problems. So even though the blonde in the elevator had just taken a photo of him, he very calmly told her :

“Why did you take a photo? I'm not photogenic. Well, I would like to tell you the truth" and he whispered softly in her ear:

“I don't like being photographed and please delete the photo you just took. Could you do it for me? I would be very grateful to you, infinitely grateful and I would also give you a nice gift, you know? What would you say?".

After hearing those words the blonde in the elevator absolutely couldn't not do what she was asked to do. So she decided to delete the photo. She showed the cancellation at that moment in front of our dear protagonist. At that point once he said that he would give a gift, he couldn't back out, so he thought about it for a few seconds and then said:

“Well, I am really very grateful to you for having granted my wish. Since today is Sunday, and Sunday is always a day of celebration, we will have a nice party here, I will buy you and your friends a drink and we will go to dance together so we can talk better and get to know each other. What would you say? Ah, of course, photos are prohibited as you well know, so I would say ask your friends not to bring their phones. This is the only condition I propose to you, if you agree, I will be very happy."

Naturally, the blonde couldn't say no to a proposal like that, to a party organized between this beautiful, unmentionable hunk, her and her friends. She imagined the joy of her friends in hearing this good news, so she accepted with great honour and quickly ran to inform the others who were waiting for her.

Our friend headed to the hotel reception and asked if there was the possibility of renting the party room. He reported that he wanted to bring a group of friends to have fun. The girl at the reception told him that a party had actually been organized that evening to which everyone would be invited. So our friend didn't even have to worry about having to organize anything, everything was ready, he just had to bring the girls, offer them drinks and keep them entertained.

In all this, he had to manage to remain anonymous. Naturally, he didn't want to be recognized so he tried some stratagems to deflect any kind of clue. He thought he should somehow invent a new identity that would distance girls from the idea of him as a writer. He thought of introducing himself as a novice photographer who had decided to travel around the world to try to take beautiful photographs that could be published in newspapers. Emphasizing that he loved taking photographs, but not receiving them.

On the evening of the party, they arranged to meet at 9pm in front of the lounge bar. There was already music, simple, danceable music, not exactly disco music, it was light music from the 80s. It dominated the room, it was his favourite music.

He saw the girls. They were all around 40 years old and slightly younger than him. They talked a bit about this and that, asking us a few questions to understand their romantic situation. Were they single? Not married? Are they getting divorced? Widows?

Who were these five women? Curiosity grew about the lives of each of them.

Among them there was one that particularly struck him, he couldn't tell himself why. She struck him not only for the extraordinary beauty that she exuded from every pore of her skin, this woman had something special, a form of sensuality and a unique sensitivity. A special empathy was born between the two.

He would never have expected something like that. It had been years since he had fallen in love with someone, decades in fact. He had been far from any woman, especially now that he had decided to live a bit like a hermit. He had deliberately stayed away from them, but that evening, in the end, he had found five of them all together and among them, only one was his favourite, her name was Gaia.

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