The dirtbags manual: an undesignated seamen’s experience in the navy

Saturday, December 21st, 2019. That is the day I officially began to transcribe my personal experiences and jot down my perspective of how the navy is currently going and what I have so far taken away. Only being 20 years old, very nearly 2 years into my service, and 3 months away from my reenlistment I can honestly say that I never pictured myself sitting down trying to describe my naval life to people in the realist and most barebones way I possibly can, however, I’ve been told too many times by too many people that if anyone could do it, it would be me and I’d do a damn good job of it. These memoirs are not to discourage people from joining the navy or the military for that matter but instead to give advice and a much better idea of what they will be going into for those wanting to come into the service, for those who have served this will hopefully be very relatable and possibly even humorous at times as you’ve more than likely been in much similar situations, and also for those who have no intentions of serving then maybe these memoirs will help shed some light onto the not so glorious side of the military cause let me tell you there is plenty more to that side then there is the glorious side if there even is one which you will come to learn and see throughout these memoirs. I would very much like everyone to take something different from my service just as I have and for you reading this right now, you will have a very unique view of the good, the bad, the politics, and the hierarchy which is the United States Navy.

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