To You (From Afar)

From here, your planet

Looks like just a a light

Poking out through holes made

By a child, jabbing a pencil top

Over a rag.

I wonder if Earth looks the same

From where you are.

I mean, it must, right?

Surely you, fellow traveler,

Can see the iridescent blue

That is our planet?

Perhaps you can.

Perhaps you’re far more advanced

Than we can imagine.

Maybe you’ve traveled the stars,

Maybe you’ve seen us.

Could it be

Curiosity got the best of you?

Or maybe your


Stopped bring inhabitable?

Do you breathe oxygen like us?

I have only seen pictures of space

Showing the swirls of galaxies

And the cold, dark expanse

Filled with rocks, debris,

And the occasional planet,

Large, looming in the distance,

Small, easy to miss

Racing around a sun.

Are your skies blue

And your oceans, too?

I imagine they must be.

Isn’t water essential to life?

Maybe your water has a different

Chemical makeup,

Something we’ve never discovered before.

That must mean you have greenery of some kind, too!

Although, maybe not green.

I imagine plants of all shapes, sizes, colors.

It has to be possible, right?

My third grade teacher told me once that I had too big of an imagination.

That my head was too far in the clouds.

But really, isn’t that true of everybody here on Earth?

Especially when we look up at you(or maybe we’re looking down on you)?

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