I sat at the pier, aimlessly bouncing my legs through the cool water.

The day was always cloudy here, but the nights were crystal clear, enough stars to finally understand how miniscule one was in the universe.

A tiny fish ran past my toes and I smiled, relishing the small moments.

As she stepped into my sight, she was held momentarily in shadow by the lanterns on the posts.

She looked majestic:

Hair black as night, kept short and flowy. She wore a dress that appeared to be made of pure starlight, open at the back to reveal a pair of magnificent crow feathered wings. Cold eyes of a brown so dark they were black, but warm and honey colored in the lantern light. Those eyes hid secrets and wisdom, and the mind behind could create and destroy worlds at whim.

Of course, that’s where we were right now.

Naturally, this was only a moment before she ran up to me, a wickedly playful grin upon her face, wings spread wide for balance. Clumsy one, she was.

“Wonderful! You’re here. We can get started. I think we’re going to work backstory today.” Her tone was playful, as if my life weren’t about to be utterly changed by this. Her smile was infectious though, and there was something compelling about this girl. I would die for her. She might one day decide I will do just that. I don’t think so though - if anyone, it would be the other Creator who did so.

She ran right off the pier with a flap of her wings for a boost and a jump through the sky. Disappearing under the surface with barely a splash, I had no choice but to follow as the world behind us started to disintegrate and the new one formed. Sliding in, I hardly disturbed the stars reflected on the surface before we were gone, through to another world.


Today she found me sitting in a clearing in the woods, fireflies flitting about while the waves crashed in the background. The trees were deep shades of emerald and teal, a great contrast to the galaxies above. It’d been two days since she was here.

She was dressed in combat gear this time - a deep blue jacket, leggings, a turtleneck tank and boots. She had a sword at her side and a knife strapped to her thigh. I chuckled. If it was her head we were in, she might as well wear what she wants.

With a dramatic drawing of her sword, she pointed at me. Raising my hands in mock surrender she spoke.

“Get up. We’re gonna plan a fight scene for fun today.” Chuckling, I got to my feet. I missed this side of her. It had been a while.

She tossed me a sword by the hilt.

“En garde, mon ami. ….Dammit I forgot how much I hate French.”

The swords clanged, metal on metal singing the song of the blade as the world around us slowly disappeared.


It had been a few days since I last saw her. I was laying on the roof tonight when she walked up.

Tonight she had fashioned herself in something that you would find a faerie wearing, colors of the deep sky, simple and stunning. Her wings were spread wide, backlit against the moon

“Hey!” She called when she approached. “Come with me.” A mischievous smile stretched across her lips, and one couldn’t help but think something wonderful was about to happen when they saw it.

She didn’t acknowledge the fact that her visits were getting more infrequent, so neither did I.

She led me through the house, twisting hallways a maze. When we finally arrived, she opened the door with a flourish. “I thought an outfit change would be nice.”

Inside were racks and racks of clothing. I sighed with a chuckle as she pulled out a sketchbook and pencils and waited expectantly for me to start trying things on. “Go on, I need to see what looks best! Try this first. OH and we’re so doing a formalwear arc.”


(dang ran out of word space I’ll make a part two)

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