That Boy I Like? Loves Next Door

“Here we are, home sweet home!”

Another town, a new street. New neighbors I have to meet, a new school. Why do I keep having to deal with this?! It’s not fair, I want to be in one school for longer than a year. Just have a friend who I’m close to, because we’ve done a lot together.

I begrudgingly walk in the front door. Movers are coming in and out, with boxes. I grab my skateboard from the back of our car. “Dad , I’m going to roll to the park down the street ok?” He gave a wave of permission and I was off. The wind blew by as I sailed from my cul de sac to the run down playground with a couple slides, a tire swing & sad looking jungle gym.

I saw an attractive guy, on the nearby monkey bars, lifting his feet so she could swing across them with ease. He catches my eye and I feel my face blush and my mouth goes dry. His reddish brown hair glints in the sun and his tan skin looks caramel like against his white sleeveless shirt.

“Hey, where’d you come from? This is a pretty private area, so you must be new because I don’t know you. I’m Sheldon, what’s your name?”

I lick my now dry lips and attempt to speak. “Hi I’m Dahlia. I am new we came from DC, for my dads job. He works in politics so we move a lot.”

The silence was awkward but he broke it. “Really? What’s your house number? Mine is 327.” I suck in a breath because I’m in 328. I whisper a silent prayer, hoping I don’t embarrass myself, or my dad embarrass me. Because this guy is hot

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