You’ve Ruined Their Lives

I hung on to every word that you’ve said to me

From the moment you said them

I knew you were mine

You said you were mine

I thought you were mine

Do you know what Anouk said

When you left our group for the first time

She said

“Be careful with this one guys

She will do what it takes to survive”

You and your words flooded our senses

Your sentences left us defenseless

You built us palaces out of opinions

You built cathedrals

I’m just thinking about the things that you said to me

I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line

For some kind of sign

And when you were mine

The world seemed

To burn


You gossiped about their secrets

You told the whole grade

How they were dating

In clearing your name

You have ruined their lives

Do you know what I said?

When I heard what you’d done

I said

I’ve pitied an icarus

She’s flown to close to the sun

You and your words

Obsessed with being popular

Your sentences bordered unsent less

And you were never paranoid

In the first place

How they perceive you

You you you!

We’re erasing ourselves

From the narrative

Let all your “friends” wonder

How we reacted

When you broke our hearts

You’ve torn it all apart

I’m watching us


The grade has no right to our hearts

The grade has no place in our heads

They shouldn’t no what we said

We’re burning the memories

Burning the apologies

That might have redeemed you

You forfeit all rights to our hearts

You forfeit the place in our heads

You can cry in the bathroom instead

With only the memories

Of when you were ours

We hope that you


Yes I did just re write burn from Hamilton. I told you I loved Hamilton.

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