The Peaceful River

As the hazy light filtered through the trees,

My boat paddled on, with the lazy breeze.

The skies were hidden by the trees,

As I sat their drinking warming teas.

The river glowed like a glittering gold,

The world so calm, the land so cold.

I sat alone, lost somewhere dark,

Where sickening, monsters howl, and bark.

They prowl, and watch, bidding their time,

Till they might come out roaring like a crime.

They slowly ooze into the day,

Keeping the happy light away.

But as I sat their, moral in lack,

The rivers sweet glitter held them back.

The trees swayed all throughout,

Trying their hardest to block the sun out.

Yet their it stayed peaking through,

Bringing light for me and you.

I sigh came to my lips and then a smile,

And their I sat for quite awhile.

The darkened place that was of frost,

Fizzled from life, and was lost.

In its place a forest sprouted,

Where no evils clawed, and no monsters shouted.

And in this place of endless glees,

The hazy light filtered through the trees.

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