Silence In The Sea

Rays of light warped its way to two shadows on the sea floor. Two tails flicked sand. Spare ropes, now a poor sailor’s only remains, rustled with movements.

One shadow moved upright. “I want to leave.”

Mercy met her eyes, incredulous. “Is your head in a clamshell? Feeling alright?”

“I’m being serious, I think it’s good idea for me to stop…” Lucy distressed, “Stop suffocating myself.”

An overhearing guppy peeked out of seaweed.

“I don’t think you’re strong enough to survive up there. You’ve got no experience or cultural knowledge or, gasp, legs. We’re here for a reason, humans are there for a reason. Ignore whatever sea witch is whispering to you.”

Lucy flipped her tail. Frustration warmed the surrounding waters. Mercy never listened. She never supported. Never once did she actually care to know Lucy.

If Mercy would never stand with her, what friend could she be?

Lucy shifted to see Mercy’s relaxed face. Eyes closed, pretty as any siren. Gleaming scales. Perfect lips to sing a song of death.

She then turned to the surface. The shallows not far off, where a dock lay. Humans retired their boats as the sun rested on the horizon. Red tinged the sunset.

“Mercy, a shark’s swimming to the shore.” Lucy eyed the peaceful mermaid beside her.

“No way. They know the rules.”

“I’ll go check it out by myself then. More credit if I turn him in myself anyways.” She started off to the dock, knowing who would follow. Nothing more pitiful than a siren failing her classes.

Reaching the wooden posts, she feigned searching. Mercy approached and sighed, realizing the loss of a good grade.

Just then rope pulled around Mercy’s mouth and eyes. Banged against a metal ladder any struggling ceased.

Lucy pushed Mercy up the boat ramp and in the glimmering moonlight, plucked. One by one, the scales were pecked off. Any bystander would think a vulture attacked, something so ravenous and low.

If at any point Mercy woke up, anguish dragged her under again. All that remained was a gloomy patch on her torso and two sickly fins.

The culprit sighed. The sea witch was now silenced.

One of them.

The other sank low in Lucy’s mind, content to wait and see.

Still, a yellow flash underwater told of a witnessing fish. A fish to whom was left the job of messenger.

Not exactly the prompt but I had started writing already. I can’t get better without starting where I am :)

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