No Happy Ending Of Such Exist

They did not live happily ever after not by a mile.

There was no white fence, not 3.5 of any child exist.

There were no smiles, no eyes which glow with joy.

Even on Christmas Day, there was no tree with toy.

The princess has no prince,

therefore the king had no wife

The village had a war,

And no one was prepared to fight.

Now you must be thinking how does the main character free themselves from all of this negativity, and it’s quite simple, THEY DON’T

And I know we’ve been taught, if you do everything right we will be victorious! That if we don’t give up and show bravery, we will be successful.

I’m here to warn you, don’t let the stimulation that has been drilled into your head take over.

Don’t mistake your dreams for reality.

Don’t confuse entertainment for an output of your own life.

The truth is many stories … end unhappily.

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