The Da Vinci Murder

“It has just been discovered that Leonardo Da Vinci, claimed artist of the Mona Lisa, was not the artist at all! The real painter that made the artwork was an 8 year old girl, by the name of Heather Winterwood. Da Vinci confessed to local police that he had taught little Heather, and when she outdid him with her stunning artwork, he kidnapped her, locked her in a closet, and murdered her. If you know anything on the matter, please report to the police immediately.”

That’s when I realized that they thought I was dead. I was very close to it. He starved me, and when I played dead, he started leaving me alone. One night I picked the lock and went to go get some food. That was why I survived. I’m still in this room. Tomorrow I plan to scream when the police come investigate the house. I might get to see my mother, Mona, again.

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