Bitter End

The familiar feeling of Travis feet loosing solid ground as he is transported to his intended destination is interrupted.

With a flash of purple his body tumbles forward into snow. His magic fizzles out of the air around him abandoning him in a tundra.

The world around him is white, with small hills and gagged mountains; As far as his eyes will allow. It’s freezing, he can see his breath in the wind. His blood runs cold, both out of fear and lack of warmth.

His lungs already ache, and his exposed skin stiffens. He hurriedly summons a flame in is palm, hoping that the fire may spare him some time to think.

Where is he? Why is he here? He was meant to be with his boyfriends in Nicodranas. He focused on the warm shore and humble streets of his home land when he cast the spell. So where the hell is he now?

Did he recite all the verbal components? Did he have all the materials necessary? Was he sabotaged?

As much as he would like to sit and speculate on why he’s here, he was dressed for the coast. And he can fell his blood freezing in his veins. The summoned flame isn’t doing much, but his fingers aren’t feeling the same effect so perhaps that could a be saving grace.

He forces his stiffened legs to take hard steps, he doesn’t know where he’s going but if he keeps moving he’s bound to find something.

He is so focused on what’s next that he misses what’s in-front of him as his foot crashes into a thin sheet of ice shattering it as if It were wet paper. His boot plunged into long chilled water, its seeping into the shoe like the panic in Travis’ mind.

He isn’t well-researched in the Arctic but his body told him enough.

This isn’t good.

He scurries away from the pool as if it had went out of its way to burden him. The fire in his hand spiked in heat as he carried it to his freezing boot. The water had gone up to his knees, completely soaking his right leg, his shorts failing to protect his numb skin.

His fingers burned from the flame they were holding but Travis doesn’t care, he needs his leg.

Unfortunately, the arcane fire isn’t meant for proper heat. It’s much more of a party trick, Travis is starting to realize.

His bones ache while his skin is going numb. He knows frostbite is kicking in but there’s nothing he can do. It’s just white, flat plains. So no wood for a proper fire.

He has no way of calling for help, and even if he yelled, screamed, begged, he’s sure no one would hear. So he is going to have to push through. Even that seems hopeless but he can’t give up. He has people waiting for him, his boyfriends, the two men would find him right…?

Travis has never been a fighter, so after a few difficult steps he collapses. Tears aren’t even able to fall from his face as he sobs. He’s tired and lost and completely, utterly alone, perhaps that’s the scariest part.

His lungs refuse to breathe in the frozen air. His skin is numb. His nose, ears and cheeks sting, and his body gave up on shivering. His eyes close as he makes stiff limbs curl, he forced his body to form a tight ball. His last attempt at life.

But, his eyes close. His breathing fully stops and his body goes still. No more fear, no more tears.

And no more cold.

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