Fresh Start Ruined

“This will be my new fresh start!” I thought, excited to begin anew. I skipped along the sidewalk onto my new house. I walked right into my house, it looked so new and different.This will be great!, I thought. Everything was different and this year was going to be awesome! I decided to go back outside and walk my dog.

Then I saw a boy, a boy with chestnut hair, a little taller than me.Then I saw his face.. oh no. This can’t be happening! Why is my crush from elementary school here??

The boy stopped walking, turned at my direction and started walking towards me then stopped about 6 feet from me. “Ah it’s you. Your Callie from my elementary school. Welcome to the neighborhood.” He said, then walked to the house next door.

He lived next door? Oh no, oh no, oh no. My fresh start is ruined...

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