Since I left, I have grown a beard, my skin is darker because I spend an hour in the sun every morning, I go around with a backpack on my shoulder and I wander around the most beautiful islands in the world. I disappeared from circulation. Only my agent knows something about me, he hears from me every now and then because I send him my lyrics, otherwise no one knows where I am. I like this very much. When I was younger, I was always surrounded by fans, they didn't leave me alone for a moment, now they finally don't recognize me anymore. I no longer have the same boyish face, I have the face of a bearded adult, I go around dressed in sportswear and always travel to new places. I have always used my pseudonym to write, so if I go around with my real name in hotels, nobody recognises me. Especially here where I am, in the most remote of places.

Today I just arrived on a long flight to one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It doesn't matter that there aren't many people. Everywhere there is a bit of humanity and it doesn't take much for me, a couple of people are enough to collect interesting material for my stories.

Today for a moment I risked throwing everything away, all this dream of mine of disappearing from circulation and finally being nobody. A lady looked me in her eyes for a moment while I passed her a glass of orangeade in the hotel during breakfast. She stopped for a moment. She was in her 40s, just the right age, that of my big fans. I have been writing for twenty years. For ten years I was always on the page of all the newspapers, in addition to being good, I was also very good looking, many agencies started calling me to advertise and since I was in the wave of the moment I took advantage, so I was in all the newspapers, and I was invited on many television programs.

In short, I was saying that the lady recognized me and asked: «Is that really you? Nicholas the writer? Here's what happened to you! I've been a fan of yours since I was a little girl!" and I immediately denied it: "No, ma'am, you're the wrong person, you mistook me for someone else!" I tried to appear truly surprised and totally detached from the affair so as not to attract attention. So I continued eating while pretending to be calm. Of course it wasn't easy because the lady started talking to her friends. They were a group of five women, who whispered and then promptly turned towards me. I continued trying to ignore them, but I don't think I succeeded, especially because when I got up, one of them followed me and got into the elevator with me. She had a long orange dress and under her bikini, she was already ready to go to the beach. She carried with her a colorful canvas bag and wore a pair of sunglasses through which she observed me while pretending to check her phone, occasionally moving her head with her large hat.

Was she going to take a picture of me now?

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