Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Day 325 of living on the Red Planet, and I am bored out of my mind. I still cannot find work due the war. I try to get out as much as I can, when the Zeeps are in their nocturnal cycle. I still find it odd that the Karks don’t attack them, even though their honor dictates that they do not strike sleeping enemies. Yet another way they differ from humans.

I browse the same stores, visit the park. But it’s getting tedious. I applied for re-entry for Earth, but was denied. They planet is still over crowded, and I have no needed skills. Why the hell did I come here in the first place? Fun, adventure, and really wild things? What was I on that I believed that?

Saw Lincoln at the park yesterday. I tried to find the courage to ask him out, even of it was just to coffee, but I chickened out. He was born here, his family was some of the first to travel here, and I know his family looked down on the newbies. I don’t get the sense that he agrees with that sentiment, but I’m just not that sure.

Maybe I could try busking, I have my ukulele. Music is oddly rare here, Lincoln mentioned it was because of the war. Zeeps and Karks aren’t fond of music, and to be fair, they were here first. Not native, of course, but they landed on Mars two generations before us. And course, there was peace way back when.

If I play at night, I won’t disturb them. And I’ll keep busy, and hopefully make some cash. Maybe I’ll impress Lincoln.

I’ll start tomorrow. Today, I just want to stroll in the park, look up at the sky, and see Earth.

Until tomorrow, Dear Diary

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