It is dark outside. Most of the corridors are quiet as the students are resting in the dorms. I’m a bit behind on my studies and I wanted to see the professor about getting advice on the issue I’m stuck on. I have brought my exercise book and I clasp is close to my chest. It’s cold. And I wished I had brought my sweater. I get to the his office and I hear music, classical and lively. The door has a window but it is double glazed for privacy. I knock and the the music stops. I wait, expecting to be called in. I knock again. This time the music continues. I wasn’t expecting that. Was that a signal to go away? I looked into the window and could see silhouettes dancing. I knock. And again the music stops. Again there is silence. I look in and the silhouettes are not obvious or dancing. I reach the door knob and twist. I look in the room and I don’t see anyone. Not even the professor. I see a book upon the table and it is a tale of fairies. I read on and I hear the music play.

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