Sharing A Birthday

My face is hurting. I feel like I’ve been smiling for hours. I probably have! I can’t believe my friends and family showed up to do all this, just for me. Turning 32 isn’t such a big deal, not like hitting the big 3-0 at least. But this is absolutely amazing! The beautiful balloons, the rose gold decorations and plates, and even this birthday sash that barely fits around this big baby belly…I haven’t felt this cherished in a really long time. And it feels amazing.

This baby may be the best and biggest thing to come to my life, but until he arrives I can’t underrate these lovely people who took the time to do all this. Gosh, my back is killing me though. And the pressure in my pelvis is getting really hard to ignore. Ah, probably just another Braxton Hicks kicking in. Time for cake! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear….OUCH! Oh my gosh I have to sit down. Whew it’s hard to catch my breath. And I’m sweating, why am I sweating so much? Inhale…exhale. Inhale…exhale. Inhale—OW OWWW oh no. Oh no. That’s a large puddle that just soaked the front my special birthday dress. Oh my gosh no. Now? Right NOW?! Well I’m going to blow out the candles for both of us on my way out the door to go meet you, little man.

Happy birthday to us, son.

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