Preying On You Tonight

Pauline’s Night Out. Two years before the arrest of Jason Strange.

It was a night without the moonlight. Only the streetlights lit up the darkened street, along with the occasional headlights. Pauline walked out of the club after a wild night out. She was sober, but dizzy. She decided not to drive due to safety concerns. She also refused to drive with her friends as that was a stupid thing to do, since they were drunk. She said goodbye to her friends and began her walk back to her house.

It was about 12:45 in the morning when Pauline started to feel like she was being watched. She felt as though there were a stalker watching her. Maybe it was because of her appearance. A purple dress, high heels and heavy makeup. Perhaps that was it.

However, this stare didn’t feel like it came from any kind of human either. It felt like it came from a massive creature. Could it be? No, it couldn’t! It was a massive tiger with purple, glaring eyes staring back at her.

The tiger glared at her, as she began to back away slowly. But it was no use. The tiger had read her action and charged at her. Pauline was left to fend for herself against the purple-eyed tiger.

What happened?

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