An Unlikely Duo

The sound of phlegm shifting up the nose to a loud clearing of the throat comes from my right. He is still there. Unfortunate.

Turning his way I look down at him and he gives me a smug grin. He’s half my height, a dwarf, his squat nose and tiny pupils lost in a cavernous tangle of red facial hair. Dried remnants of food caught in his mangled hair. Disgusting.

“Must you?” I ask, as though I might recieve an answer worth listening too.

“You know I must. It’s expected.” He states, before wiping his nose on his sleeve, again with the ungodly sound of phlegm.

We stand in the city square. A market is on and people of all species flit about in search of bargains. The sizzling of various meats - batwing, boar, venison and raptor - producing a delightful aroma in the tightly packed stalls.

I find it hard to relax though, as though all eyes are on us, the unnatural duo, judging me for my association. An elf with a dwarf. What would my father think?

I wait for a horse drawn cart to pass and cross the street, taking large steps in secret hope of losing my acquaintance. He’s agile for someone of such short stature. Shame.

“When we get there, I’ll do the talking,” I say, then instantly regret it.

“But your highness,” his gravely voice is laced with sarcasm, “it is a dwarf establishment we are headed to.”

I sigh. He is right. I would never say that to him though. By the Elven light I’d never live it down.

“Fine,” I spit, “but please keep on topic. We are not there for the drink, nor the women.” - if you could call them women.

Sidling up to our destination, a bustling tavern by the name of ‘Rock’s and Tumbler’s’, I turn to run through expectations once again.

He raises a hand to stop me. “We are here for information on your sisters where about’s. No drinking, no smoking, no talking to anyone of the opposing gender no matter how long their beard is, and above all else no fun…” he rolls his eyes. “does that about cover it prince?”

God he’s insufferable. “Dagan, any information on Dagan. Shouldn’t be too difficult to find out seeing as he’s here every other day.”

He turns and heads into the tavern, seemingly ignoring my statement. I clutch the neck of my robe and huff, then checking my wand is still located on my belt, bend and step through after him.

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