Stumbling into Love

“Ouch” I mutter. Not again. I stumbled over a tree. A tree. My second name isn’t ‘clumsy’ for no reason. I try to get up but… what is that? Am I stuck? I can’t move my right leg. Am I damned to die alone in a forest, eaten by bugs? I knew this day would come. The day where my clumsiness is killing me. No, I am not overdramatic. I have gotten so many bruises in my lifetime, it wouldn’t be surprising if “she died by stumbling over a chair” if going to be written on my grave. Well, now it’s probably going to be “she tragically stumbled in a forest and got eaten by insects”.

“Hey! Is someone there?” Hearing that loud voice almost shocks me more than my fate to die. I could recognize that husky voice everywhere. Jackson. My… crush. Why does it always have to happen to me? Of course it is my crush who sees me in an unfortunate situation like this. “Yes. Hello!” I finally manage to answer. For a second I thought he left, not sure if I would be happy about that, but then steps got closer.

“Liv? Is it you?” His face appears in my view. Oh my god, he knows my name!! Focus, Liv, Focus. He is waiting for an answer. “Yep, hi Jackson. Do you mind helping me? I got stuck.” His dark eyes wander down my body, analyzing the situation. His pretty face has a concentrated expression. “Wow. How did you do that? Your leg is under a tree which was already felled.” I feel how my cheeks are getting warm. I tried to overplay it, but I am actually quite embarrassed. “I.. I don’t know..” I respond with a quiet voice. I hate how weak it sounds. “It’s alright. I can get you out of there.” Jackson assures. “I’m just going to…” he tries to lift the tree. His hands brush over my leg. “Oh. Sorry.” he says. I panic. He’s my crush, after all. “It’s fine. Thanks a lot for helping me” I answer. He grunts a bit but then I am free. “Woah, thank you.” I say as he helps me get up. Standing up again, I realise that we are still holding hands. Oh my god. I slightly smile at him. “Thank you. How lucky that you were here.” He mirrors my smile and answers “yeah, I am also glad. We don’t want you to die in a forest, do we?” He says jokingly. My heart flutters, he doesn’t want me to die! And we are still holding hands. He also seems to realise that and loosens his grip on my hand. But he doesn’t let go entirely! I see this as a win. My god. Who would have guessed that I’d end up like this? I just wanted to go on a walk to clear my mind. “What were you doing here, by the way?” I dare to ask. “Oh, just going on a walk. And then I saw a head and heard an ouch so I rushed to check what was going on.” He answers. “Me too. I mean, I was also just going in a walk until that happened to me.” I say. He smiles at me. “Should we go together a bit? So I can protect you from the trees, you know?” He suggests in a joking tone. My smile widens. “Sure. I need that, I guess.” I chuckle. He does too, and we start to walk hand in hand. Yes right, we are still holding hands. My heart is racing and I hope my hand isn’t as sweaty. “So, tell me: were you actually about to kill yourself because of the maths exam next week?” He asks after a while. “Oh my god, don’t remind me of that! And no, I would kill myself with more niveau.” I answer, laughing. It’s crazy how I can fully be myself with him. Jackson laughs. “Okay, let’s talk about something else. How come we have never really talked? You are super cool to chat with, Liv.” My heart really likes this compliment. “Thanks, you too.” I answer. He smiles widely. “You are nice.” He says. The butterflies in my stomach are partying hard. God damn, we are still holding hands. “Why are you holding my hand, Jackson?” I blurt out. Damn- I should think more before I speak. “Because I don’t want you to fall again.”, he teases me. “Oh, that’s it?” Suddenly I am brave. Suddenly I wink at him in a flirtatious manner. Suddenly we stop walking. Suddenly he brushes my hair behind my ear. Suddenly I look him deep in his eyes. “No, I am holding your hand because I kind of have a crush on you, Livi.” He openly admits. I freak out. Well, inside. On the outside I just stare at him, my mouth opened. Who could have known that my longterm crush has a crush on me, too?? Hey google. What do I do when my crush admits that he likes me?

I don’t know how much time passed until Jackson says: “Sorry, I didn’t want to shock you. But that is the truth. I always saw you in the hallways and you always said smart stuff in class, my heart just ended up beating faster for you.” Why is he apologizing?! I did something wrong, didn’t I? Oh. My. God. “No, Jackson. I mean, me too?! I have a crush on you, too.” I stutter. “You do?” His face lights up. “Yea..” I say. His hand grabs my face and his lips crush on mine. Before my brain could process what’s going on he withdraws already. “Sorry. I should have asked for your permission.” He apologizes. How is he literally so perfect?! “Jackson. Don’t worry. I want to kiss you. I wanted it ever since you won that price and didn’t know what to say. Ever since I have seen you be gentle to that cat that had to be rescued. Ever since-“ his lips make me shut up.

Hands still locked, we continue our walk after some minutes of intense kissing. We talk about everything; ourselves, the world and everything we want to know about each other.

My accident made me happy, who could have known that?

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