The Last Monster

Blood dripped down my head as the creature pinned me against a tree and let out roar in my face and showed me it’s row upon rows of teeth. I could fell it’s warm breath upon me. The smell was horrible.

The monster stopped and let me go, and I fell to the ground. My sword was right in front of the monster and a dagger was attached to my belt. I wrapped my hands around the dagger and stood up. It took all my strength to move, I was so weak after fighting the king of monsters. I slowly walked towards the crimson red creature and then I sped up my walk into a run. My body aches as I did it, but I pressed onwards. I jumped up and stabbed the monster in its back as it let out a roar so loud that anyone could hear it. The monster moved its body, trying to shake me off, but my grip was strong on the dagger. I was tired, but I wasn’t going to give up. The monster’s hands stretched to his red, furry back and grabbed onto me. It pulled my grip from the dagger and squeezed its hands around my body, crushing me.

I had come this far, I couldn’t stop now, I had to complete this mission. I wiggled and squirmed until I was free. I don’t even know how that worked but it did. My sword was right behind me, as I sprinted forwards to grab it, as I did so, the monster tried to reach for me once again, but it missed. I grabbed my sword and the monster came sprinting towards me, but stopped when he was just two feet away. For he had been stabbed with my sword. The creature froze and I retracted my sword from its body, back to me and moved out of the way as it started to fall Forwards. It had been a long time of this, fighting, slaying monsters and I had finally killed the king of them all.

I could now rest myself. It had been a long time coming, but now I felt I could truly call myself the slayer of monsters.

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