Don’t Follow Breadcrumbs

“It’s freezing” Sarah thought, as snowflakes tapped against her glasses.

The air was bitter, and the wind whistled through her ears.

Putting her hands in her pockets, she felt the sting of warmth up against her sides.

Snow crunching beneath her boots, the setting sun revealed her surroundings with a red-orange haze.

As she scanned everything near her nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until she got halfway there.

She was looking down and noticed dark spots on the side of the road. Curious, Sarah began evading the shoveled side walk, heading towards this trail of substance she couldn’t quite make out. At first the dots were small, and consistent.

But then turned into bigger spots, and increased in size as she walked further.

Sarah looks ahead and sees something moving in the distance. As she squints her eyes to make out the figure, she eventually sees that it’s a deer. But this deer is strung up on a tree, swinging back and forth. Blood pooled underneath it, giving it an almost “death shadow.”

It’s skin looked like it was cut up with precision, the insides were spread around it as if intentionally placed there, In some sort or meaningful order.

Sarah stood in shock, unknowing what to do. When she got the feeling back in her legs, she ran. And she didn’t stop running. Her lungs felt like they were failing, and her face burned all of the falling snow right off. When she got home she took a shower and tried to think of a rational explanation… until she had this thought.

There were no footprints. The snow was untouched around the deer. So… who, or what, could have done this?

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