The Agaro

“Babe, are you excited”? “Of course Jamie, why wouldn’t I”?

It was the summer of 2003 when he and my partner decided to walk on the luxurious Llandudno Beach which has beautifully golden sands and blissful winds which is like breaths from heaven; it’s the perfect place, it really is.

Although Jamie and I were super excited to go to the beach, the trip we went on was short lived and made a lump form in my throat.

When we where running on the beach hand in hand laughing carelessly, Jamie suddenly stopped in his tracks and when I asked him what was wrong, I noticed him looking at a bottle just by the sea. What could the bottle be? I’d this something bad?

When Jamie and I walked slowly to the bottle, we noticed a minute piece of paper inside the bottle that looked soggy abd scruffy. When i picked the bottle up slowly to see what the message read inside m, I couldn’t believe what it says. It read:


I glared at the bottle in confusion for five minutes until I looked at Jamie’s worried expression resting flat on his face. When I read the message aloud to Jamie, he started to wriggle ihud gdvds like sizzling sausages in the left pocket of his jeans “What’s up Jamie? Are you-“ “Janice, we have to be prepared; prepared for this thing”.

Suddenly, a deep growling started to slither into my right ear and when I turned my head to see where the growling candy from, I looked at something incredibly large monster with black skin and with gisnt fangs fixed into a clench, this must be the Agaro”.

“Hunans, do you have the privilege of dying first”?!

When The Agaro boomed it’s fearsome threat, he slowly lowered his enormous claw to the sand and when it landed on Jamie’s throat m, a temptation to scream started to build up in my stomach.

“Aghhh! Get off him”! When I screamed ordering the monster to put my love down, he fedtoessly ignored me and raised him up to the sky to hurl him into the vastness of the sea. I couldn’t believe it l, I couldn’t believe that my love was gone, I just couldn’t.

I sprinted as far across the beach as I could to get away from the monster but his hard I tried, The Agaro was still not too far away from me. When I finally reached the end of the beach, with the Agaro still walking towards me, I noticed a small handgun lying there by my feet so I picked it up, shot a bullet at it’s left eye and went straight back to our car with the gun still in my hand. Suddenly, whrh I sat in the car my eyes started to flutter shut and the growling of The Agaro stopped; Just stopped.

Is it over now? Is it really over? “Babe, are you ok”? I found myself lying on the bed with Jamie sitting right beside me. Agent I added Henie what happened, he fact be an answer that made me feel a lot stronger, a lot stronger mentally”.

“You overslept babe, do you need anything”? “Yes, I need you to tell me, is The Agaro real”?

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