Hearts on Fire

Peeta or Gale was once the question for Katniss, but now they stand a distance from her. Peeta who she’d eat poison berries for rather than kill and Gale who’d she grown up with, leave her to fend for herself amidst a time of unrest. And to complicate her life further, Katniss and Peeta’s rebellions actions may have sparked a rebellion on a larger scale, one that could bring either the Capitol or the districts to their knees. Was Katniss and Peeta’s expressions of love true or just a scheme to gain popularity and liberate both of them together from the fatal grasp of the Hunger Games? Or was it an outright act of intentional defiance against the almighty Capitol that they weren’t immediately punished for?

As Katniss and Peeta embark on their Victory tour they have to flawlessly vindicate their love for each other. Katniss doesn’t only have to worry about how Gale will see this, but everyone must believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are madly in love. Everything hinges on how far Peeta and her are willing to go to prove their love, otherwise the consequences will be horrifying.

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