If I Count The Ways I Love You

If I could count all the ways I love you and write it all down, if I could list them on my fingers and draw it all out;

The list would never end,

I’d have no space left to draw,

I’d run out of fingers,

And my voice would become raw.

I love your voice,

Your personality,

They way your hand fits in mine,

I love the way you laugh and make witty jokes,

I even love it when you whine.

I love the way you let me play with your hair,

I love the way you dress,

I love your piercing brown eyes,

I love how they can look green under all the mess.

I love the way you kiss,

I love how I know every scar on your hands,

I love how you smile differently around me,

And how we talk about plans.

I love it when you draw blue on your hand,

And fidget with your pen,

I love the fact that your human,

And that no one else understands.

I love that your broken,

It reminds me it’s okay,

The dark can break us all,

But next to you I feel at bay.

Life can be shit,

We both know that,

You better than me,

But I love the fact that we can cry together,

It feels less lonely.

I love the way you make me cry,

When you walk away from us,

I love it when you remind me sometimes not even I can be enough.

I love the fact that you moved on,

And shards of glass still lay beneath your feet,

I love that you still make me smile,

Every single time we meet.

I love that you changed from blue to black,

I love the new designs,

I love the way she brushes your hair different,

And the way she doesn’t know your whines.

I love that she still doesn’t understand,

I love how she doesn’t know the smile,

I love that she hasn’t discovered the green yet,

I love that she will only stay a while.

I love that you turned her broken,

And how you dress differently now,

I love that your starting to change,

And that I don’t even know how.

How someone so special to me can turn away,

And how I cry every night,

I love that your not here with me after you said forever,

But forever is different now..

Since the fight.

I love that she’s probably going to say the same thing when you move on to the next,

I love that you did this to the girl before me,

I love that we all failed your test.

I love the way we all think we’re the one,

I love the way boys are evil,

I love they way you broke us all,

I love how it all isn’t illegal.

If I count the ways I love you,

It all ends in distress,

Because in the end it doesn’t matter how I know your scars,

Or the way you dress.

I counted the ways I love you,

And it doesn’t end well,

I love that you don’t care.

And I love the fact there once was a page in my book that I didn’t mind to tell.

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