Venice Carnival

I walked through the crowded streets. The people around me wearing beautiful dresses and suits, and the most elaborate masks you would ever see (no not that kind of mask).

It was the Venice carnival! The time of excitement, and fun before Ash Wednesday starts Lent.

Though as I twisted and turned throughout the streets I looked for one costume among the thousands.

Then I saw it.

She wore a giant purple hat the shape of a flower, white mask, and an flowing purple, and yellow dress.

The girl stood in a group chatting as I slowly sneaked behind her.

As I crept closer her friends glanced my way with laughing faces.

“Boo!” I yelled grabbing her shoulders. She yelled, and flipped around, horrified by my plaque doctor costume.


Me, and my younger sister’s friends laughed as we all walked of to enjoy this amazing day.

“You should give up being annoying for Lent V. It would be hard enough for you!”

“Your one to talk!”

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