The Force Unseen 

Beneath the vast, eternal sky,

Where whispers of the past do lie,

There's a stillness in the air,

A sense of those no longer there.

They whisper to us through the winds soft sigh,

Rustling the trees as they pass us by.

Under the twilight's ember glow,

Their fond memories gently flow.

In dreams, they come, a fleeting sight,

A comforting presence in the night.

They leave us signs, now and then,

A reminder they're with us, again and again.

They are the echoes in the stream,

The guiding stars that softly beam.

In every moment of quiet grace,

Their love's reflection, we can trace.

They are with us when the rain does fall,

The guiding hands that steady us all.

In every sunset, so serene,

They are there, a force unseen.

So let us hold them close in heart,

Though from this world they did depart.

Their journey's not an end, but start,

In us, they live, never to part.

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