On one day in the 1690s a man called Geppetto created a doll made of wood he called it Pinocchio. He had no son or family of his own and hoped someday he may have a child. The morning after he made the doll his dreams came true and the doll had came to life. ‘Are you the person who created me?’ Asked Pinocchio.

‘Yes I am Pinocchio my name is Geppetto,’ He replied, ‘But you are a doll how are you talking have I finally gone mad of loneliness’

‘I have been blessed by a fairy I have been brought to life,’ Pinocchio explained.

A soldier walked down as he heard the two talking and burst into the house, ‘You are a witch I will take you to be tried for witchcraft!’ The soldier dragged the two out the house and to a court to have an emergency trial. They went to the nearest lake and tied weights to their shoes he then said, ‘If the man survives he is a witch and shall be executed!’

Geppetto screamed, ‘Let me go I have done nothing wrong!’

Geppetto was dropped in the lake and drowned and as he sank Pinocchio let out a cry.

After the execution Pinocchio was thrown on the kings fire as he was only wood and in that way could burn.


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