The Toaster

I am shiny and new, no one has ever used me before. I was just taken out of the dark box I was put in. I was in that dark space for what seemed like a long time. I remember the day I was born... it was so exciting coming alive! I was born, then I was boxed up right away, but now I can see everything again! Being picked up and scanned to go to my new home was the best day of my life! I was removed from my dark box and I saw a beautiful home. That was all mine! I could smell the flowers and cleaning products. I could hear the dog barking and the television going. I cannot wait to be used for the very first time. I am just here on the granite countertop - the shiny new toaster. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... It seems to be getting darker and darker out side. I am still waiting. The sky was bright blue, then orange, now it is purple. Oh wow. I hear someone coming towards the kitchen, yippee! I hear the faucet, the stove and oven being turned on, pots and pans... is this my chance? Will I finally be used? I see my human walking about the kitchen using everything... but me. I am ready human! I am ready to be the best toaster you have ever had! Still. Not. Using. Me. BEEP BEEP! The oven is ready, huff! My human continues preparing dinner. “Kids dinner is ready!,” my human says. They are chomping on their food and having a nice conversation and I am on the granite countertop. All alone, shiny and new. The sky was purple, then indigo, now it is black. There are stars in the sky. Everyone is finished with dinner. My human is washing the dishes. They wipe down all the surfaces and turn off the lights. It is dark now. I cannot see, but I am alone, shiny and new. I will rest now, maybe I will be used tomorrow... I sleep and sleep and sleep. I wake up to the sun peeking through the window and an alarm going off. It is morning. My human comes in the kitchen and turns on the oven, and goes into the refrigerator. They get bacon, eggs and cream cheese. Wait... cream cheese!? I am getting used today! My human cracks the eggs and puts them in a pan. My human puts bacon on a cookie sheet and puts them in the oven. My human opens the bagel bag that was beside me and cuts it in two. They plug me in, turn my settings and pop the bagels inside of me! I warm up nice and easy. I’m cooking, I’m cooking, I’m cooking... BURST! My human takes the bagels, satisfied with my toasting job. My human eats the bagel and is happy. I am now a shiny, used toaster and the best toaster my human has ever had!

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