When I Let The Vines Go

I sat on my chair at my desk, with a glass jar in my lap. The jar was clear with the company label imprinted on it. It had dirt inside. I was waiting for something to grow.

I stared at it, waiting for something, anything to grow. Nothing did.

I closed my eyes and concentrated harder than I ever did before. I visualized plants growing out of the jar. Vines, flowers, and leaves all sprouting out in all different directions.

I head a scream and whipped my eyes open and head up. Then I saw it. Vines with flowers and leaves all over my room, but also outside of it.

My door had been opened by the vines and had stretched throughout the whole house.

I ran outside my room and down the stairs to see where the scream had come from.

My mom was being held my the vines in the air.

I ran up to her and tried to pull the vines down, but they held tighter and tighter around my mom.

I closed my eyes and concentrated hard to try and visualize the vines letting my mom go and sliding back into my room.

My eyes shot open and glowed green, and the vines were doing what I visualized.

My eyes then stopped glowing and the vines were safely in my room with my mom on the round. The vines had given her tiny cutes from their thorns.

I promised to do my magic outside next time.

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