And We'll Be Soaring Through The Night Sky

Flying might seem a little scary

And the height, a tad bit sickening

Ignore all that, okay?

Today I'm going to show you

How to overcome all those fears inside

Think about all the good things

Remember everything cheery

Understand that nothing will go wrong

Since there's only goodness within you

Trust in these memories and everything will go smoothly

After your mind has been filled with those thoughts

Notice your heartbeat slowing

Down to a gentle thump thump but

Preparing to jump off a cliff still

Isn't the easiest thing to do

Xspecially when the unknown is below you

In this moment, just close your eyes

Exhale then inhale and take my hand

Don't worry about what's coming next

Unless you don't wish to fly

Say the magic words with me, "Faith, trust"

Then sprinkle a little pixie dust

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