The Opposite Of Always

“I hate you”, i said with a laugh and a smile.

“Why do you lie?”

“Who said i was lying?”, i stop laughing and my smile fades.

“I mean you are just…not to me- you’re lying to yourself. Your Actions and your words don’t align” he shrugs.

“ would you prefer my hate to be more potent? “

“I know that if you truly hated me, you wouldn’t ask”

“ if you’re so smart, you must know everything has an opposite”

“ i also know two opposites can’t live in harmony”

“I think the opposite.”

“And I’ll begin to believe whatever you do to keep the harmony”

“Believe that you’re hated by me”

“I know you love me, and that’s what you hate not me.”

My heart stopped in that moment, or more like the key to the lock i placed around it was found and the treasure of my love was now fleeting.

“I hate you” I whisper knowing that even though you love me the love that’s im expending is something i wont be able to get back…

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