No Way Back Up

‘Where am I? When does this end?’ You say to yourself, just barely awake to comprehend what is happening. It appears you’re sliding down a slide… But it’s no regular slide; it’s a magical one. It repeats itself. Again, and again, and again, and, well, again— until the end of time. Now fully awake, you naturally scream your head off.

“Where the hell am I going down to!?” You yell, to nothing. You fill the air with loud screams for a whole minute… until you simply stop screaming. What does the yelling accomplish anyways? You accept the fate of this… pit? You’re not even really sure how to describe it. It’s a slide, but with no seeable end… so is it truly a slide? There’s no way up back this mess; you’re stuck. It’s that simple yet you cannot accept it.

Down. Down. Down. This is all you know now is this new world. Down. Down the slide. Down the pit. Down.

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