The Quiet of the night

The quiet of the moonless night is pierced by the cars headlights, much like the quiet of my mind being shattered by the arrival of a wake up call, bright and intense. In much the same way as a car driving down a darkened country lane suddenly lights up it’s surroundings with it’s piercing headlights, my mind can sometimes announce an arrival of a thought process, or a depressing moment or indeed a thoughtful episode, by blasting my hitherto relaxed, deep and quiet mind. Sometimes it is a slow process which has been arriving for some time, and is finally here. Sometimes, it arrives unannounced from the depths of who knows where. Either way, it’s arrival has to be dealt with on one way or another.

For me, I am often startled by the intense nature of my thoughts, or a particular thought, that gives rise to a number of different processes, all of which I need to address in one way or another. Sometimes this is an easy task, and I can usually find a solution to it in the long run, I don’t obsess about it and satisfy myself that all will be well. Other tasks or worries are inherently different, dark, foreboding, and often not resembling a thought at all. They are a feeling of some description, arising from the depths of my mind, exactly like the sudden arrival of a car, lit by its intense high beam headlights. Sometimes I know where I am going with the feeling, and other times I am lost in it, again a little bit like a darkened country lane that you are not at all familiar with. You have your lights to guide you, but to where exactly?