The Sunk

The day you doubt Petunia is the day you doubt that Pepe is a cat! Yes in life there are so few choices that make any sense when you fall in love. But unrequited is the most unfortunate of all. You live to live and hurt all the while. Yep Pepe is a skunk.

I have expressed my upmost distress that I do dislike Pepe and I never want him. Days go by and all I can do is scamper. Wild in my ways I groom myself by 10 I’m out the kitchen door.

Through a alley full of fluffy and dusty critters I make it unscathed to the place I wish. Transportation started early in the morning before I finished a single dish. Lovely is my fur still and glossy from the Vitamins in my mistress’s food as her husband takes bottles of milk in from the front stoop. “Hey what is that odor,” he says. As I hurry to the back of the house just to start my day.

Leafs flutter to the ground a perfect hailstorm of elements set to ruin me. I grace back under the awning of a building and wait patiently.

At last the bus arrives and i petal up to the back seats just before the driver notices. Passengers take their change from pockets and deposit it in the machine. A long enough distraction for me to sit underneath the well of the tire shed.

Lo and behold the scheming weasel jumped at the chance to ride in a seat. Passengers jumped out their seat and one lady squealed and screamed as the stinky skunk sat in the way.

“Eu de funk,” said a man as he rushed by.

“Stinky skunk,” cryer a woman who also left the scene.

The think about me is that I had resolved to make it all twenty stops to where I wanted to go. Public transportation for a cat is much better than footing it.

“Ma Cherie I do enjoy a stroll in the park,” called out Pepe and the race to get out of there was on as he grabbed my tail. Hoisting me in his arms I brought out my claws for a swipe. The swipe missed but he just became further encouraged.

Looney Tunes owned by WB no copyright infringement. Strictly for comedic value are the characters written this way. All copyright belong to the owners and only the names are true the situations are fictionalized.

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