“And” A Word To Change The World.

Kate walked into the dusty, old office to find James sitting in a rusty old brown chair with a journal opened up sitting upon the wooden desk and a writing pen in his hand. He seemed to look stumped on something.

“Hey!” Said Kate, walking over to sit on the desk. There was only one chair in the office and James was using it.

James didn’t respond to Kate’s greeting.

“Hello?” She said waving her hand in front to James and snapping to try and get his attention.

“Uh, what? Oh hello Kate!” James said in surprise scratching his head.

Kate rolled her eyes.

“What are you up to?”

“Nothing much, I’ve just been think…” James stopped in the middle of his sentence and got out of his seat and walked to the other side of the office.

“I have got it! I think I know what to say!”

“You’ve got what?”

“I have made up a new word that’s I’ll help with the way we talk for the rest of time!”

“What is it?” Kate asked looking a bit concerned for her friend.

“The word is…’and.’”


“Yes, ‘and!’ It’s perfect!”

“What would you use it for anyways James?”

James took a deep breath.

“Well Kate, the word ‘and’ is her to connect words of the same part of speech!”

Kate looked confused, and she was concerned.

“Did you bump your head on something?” She asked.

James was offended that she would think that.

“No! Anyways, before you leave, just give this new word a chance. Like for an example you could say, ‘I went to the part today and I also got ice there!’” He said I’m excitement.

“You’ve gone crazy man! Like why would you ever name it… ‘and?’”

“Well, um, it rhymes with man and a man named it?” James guessed.

“Man and ‘and’ don’t rhyme.”

“You just used ‘and’ in a sentence!” James laughed!

Kate rolled her eyes and made her way out of the office.

“Where are you going?” Ask James.

“I’m leaving! You’re crazy!”

“Already. Oh and could you spread the news about the new word ‘and?’”

Kate huffed and walked out shutting the door.

“Ha! I just used it again,” James said smiling in disbelief that he had make a new word up that would change the world.

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