A Laughing Demon And A Psychopath.

“You’ve got the wrong guy!” he shouted, dazed and confused.

“Do we?” Asked the guy crouching down in front of him. The purple hilts of the dual blades on his back showing freely. He had bright red eyes with a sluggish look on his face. He was lazily looking up to another guy with a mask of a laughing demon. The guy nodded. “Shoot.” He mumbled under his breath. “Hey, sorry man. Thought you were someone else.” He pulled a photo from his jacket. A photo of his younger brother. “You know this guy?”

What had his brother done?

“Why you lookin for him?”

“Not what I asked.”

“No, I don’t know him.”


“What?! I’m not lying.”

“Then why did your heart race?”


“Kuro, make him talk,”

The man with the mask grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and began to drag him.

“No please! I’m not lying!”

“I suggest telling us the truth. Kuro doesn’t have a speck of compassion and I’d enjoy watching him torture you.” He tried to struggle and scratch him but his grip was too strong. He pulled out the pocket knife from in his pocket and stabbed the man in leg. He didn’t flinch. Was he an actual demon?

“Let me go!!”

He dragged him unto the roof and flung him over the side.

“Aaaahaha!!!” His feet swayed in the open air. “I swear! I don’t know who that is!”

“Tell me, or let him drop you.” The man smiled maniacally.

Kuro loosens his grip.

“Aaah!!” He scrambled to grab hold of his arm.

“Or if you want, Kuro can get his tools out. Ever been skinned?”

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you!”

He nodded to Kuro. Kuro pulled him back and sat him down.

“Now spill.”

“I’ll tell you in one condition.”

He rubbed his eyes, annoyed. “Fine, what condition.”

“You tell me why you want him.”

“We were hired to find him and either he pay his debt or we kill him. Personally, I’m itching for the second option.”

He’d always known his brother’s gambling habit would get him trouble, but this was too far.

“How much is the debt?”

“2,000 to a local gang. 5,000 to the Mafia.”

“So you’re from the Mafia?”

“Nope. Your turn.”

“He’s my little brother. I don’t know where he is though.”

“Then what use are you? Kuro, drop him.”

He began to get up.

“Wait what?! No wait!! I might know where he is!”

“Kuro, wait. Where?”

“He has an apartment here in the city, it’s under a different name.”

“What name?”

“No, I’ll show you myself.”

“Smart, lead the way.”

“Please don’t be in here,” he thought. He slowly opened the door and looked around. It looked abandoned. They pushed past him to look around as well.

“Looks like he’s not..” He turns to the closet and starts toward it. He pulls out his dual blades then kicks in the closet door. A masked man is behind it. Suddenly men start pouring in from the hallway and every crevice possible. It was a trap, he hadn’t known.

“Kuro, ki..!” He suddenly got hit by under a dozen tranquilizers. Kuro did nothing. He just stood there. The men surrounded them. He was shot as well. The last thing he saw was Kuro standing there and one of the men poking him and waving their hand across his face. He didn’t move.

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