“Nothing More“

I have always tried to be there

I give and give and give

All I hear is that I am bad

I’m driving her in sane

I don’t know where I went wrong

I do not feel respected

The more I do the worst I feel

Appreciated that I am not

Why is it I’m always wrong

No matter what I’m doing

I give her this I give her that

I even pay her bills

I’m always told that I’m the worst

That I’m not even a good daddy

When she gets mad she does attack

She gets right in my face

Is that the way that she should do

And treat the man that made her

I just know I’ve had enough

It’s time that she’s abandoned

I do not want to be around her

It’s time she’s on her own

It’s sad to say it really hurts

I think that I don’t love her

She has treated me so wrong

I do not want to see her

I hope one day she will grow up

Maybe by the time she’s sixty

I just know I won’t be around

To see if she does make it

She scream and shouts

And makes a scene

I try to tone her down

She just says that she don’t care

I finally have had enough

With a smile I walk away

There’s nothing more to say

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