The army faced off one more time against another wave of Shrimp. That isn’t the official name of course that name is five words long with over fifty letters in total. To those who fight on the front lines taking the time to use the official name could be the difference between a squad dying or living.

Sgt. Jameson looked at the scene before him and again wondered when or if this invasion was going to end. Five years have passed since the first ships arrived in Earth’s orbit. Scientists were excited and the military went on high alert. The response from the general public, as expected, ranged from panic to exhilaration. That all changed to abject fear after the first ship made landfall and the peace delegation and two platoons of Marines were annihilated within minutes.

The immediate response was to go to defcon 4. Missiles were fired, drones dropped payloads and fighter jets were scrambled. Hardly a scratch was made to the alien ships. Better luck was had with the aliens that had left the safety of their ship but only barely.

The first alien corpses were taken by the military so they could be dissected and studied. Weaknesses needed to be found as soon as possible if there was any chance at survival. The first breakthrough came six months after the first corpses were found. During that time a full 55 percent of the Earth’s population had perished. Most of the survivors had left the populated areas and went into hiding in forests or mountains or anywhere that there weren’t a lot of people gathered. Large gatherings seemed to attract the aliens.

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