Birds Flying The Nest

My family immigrated to this country and before me and my brothers were born. It was my mum and dad and my three older sisters. They lived elsewhere until my mum gave birth to the brothers and me. Then we were really big and so had to move to a bigger house. The house at the end of the street.

This house is one of two houses at the ends of the street that tower over the other houses. Inversely, there are bungalows in the centre with a cul-de-sac which is an interesting setup. As a big family, all the rooms would be occupied with kids running around with toys, playing games and listening to music. As we grew up, the sisters got married and moved to the countryside with their husbands. Leaving the brothers and the mum and dad. During the recession, one brother moved to another country to teach English. Leaving one brother and myself. My brother who lived with me then moved with his girlfriend but was close enough.

Dad got old and resorted to drinking and watching TV. He passed away leaving myself and mum in this big house. Dark rooms and mountains of hoarded items that personally we could not use. Mum got old and now it is I who looks after her. This is my family home, that saw me and my siblings grow old and mature and soon it will be my home.

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