Villain Diary Entry

I could have always had a child of my own, but I never did. The day I found that flower that flowed like the sun, but marvellous. I tried many things to see what it could do, for I knew that it wasn’t from earth. I did everything I could, and I almost gave up, but I kept on trying. I decided to try and sing a song, and it glowed a little, not a whole lot, and it lifted my spirits with joy! I later found out that the flower glows when you sing about itself, or how it’s magic. When I would sing this song to it, my skin would return back to youth. For years I did this, and nothing had changed. I had fallen in love, but he was killed by a soldier. Nothing was ever the same when he was gone. We were going to stay young and live forever, but that all changed.

The queen of a kingdom was sick, and the whole kingdom went to see if they would find something to help her. They had heard of a magical flower and they looked for that. They found it not long after they started the hunt and dug it up, taking it away from me. I followed them to the palace and saw them make it into a drink for the queen. A couple days later, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl with golden hair, she looked nothing like her parents. I wondered if the flower’s magic had somehow gone into the child when the queen drank it, so I snuck into the palace at night and sang the song and to my eyes, her hair glowed. I tried to cut it but when I did, it lost its power and turned to brown. I decided that if I wanted to live, I would have to take the child with me, and hid her from the world. So that is what I did.

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